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Insurance Company Denied My Claim

Holmes Law Firm May 16, 2019

Aren’t Insurance Companies Supposed to Pay Claims When Someone gets Hurt?

Sometimes insurance companies are supposed to help. They are supposed to pay claims in “good faith.” But keep in mind–insurance companies make money by taking insurance payments. They lose money by paying claims. So they want to do everything they can, within reason, to try to pay out as little as possible when there’s a claim. There are even proven cases of insurance companies starting programs with their adjusters to try to reach out to hurt people before they get out of the hospital and can get a lawyer to get them to accept a quick settlement and keep them from learning what they’re actually owed. We call this kind of behavior “insurance bad faith.”

That’s also why it’s so important to get a lawyer on your side as soon as you can. A good personal injury and wrongful death lawyer will step in on your behalf and make sure the insurance company has all of the information and knows all of the claims you’re making. And if the insurance company still won’t treat you fairly, a good lawyer will take your case to court and make them pay.

New Mexico has some of the strongest insurance bad faith laws in the United States. You need a lawyer who knows those laws and knows how to use them if the insurance company won’t treat you fairly.

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