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Consumer rights laws are laws that protect ordinary people from dishonest, harmful, or downright corrupt business practices.

Common consumer rights violations include:

I will fight aggressively to hold dishonest companies accountable to get you the compensation you deserve and help protect others in our community from abuse.

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Types of Consumer Rights Cases I Handle

I typically handle cases in which mortgage banks have violated the law or rules on foreclosures or mortgage origination. Other cases I’ve handled include unlawful or excessive mortgage fees, and other mortgage-related situations.

Sometimes, these are cases that involve people making payments to the bank but are not quite caught up, and the bank takes their house anyway. Other times, the bank lied to them about their interest rates or the terms of their mortgage, resulting in an illegal loan that led to an unlawful foreclosure. 

Oftentimes the banks will fight these cases because very few people have the means to fight back. The banks also typically hire very big law firms to defend themselves, with the hopes of tying clients up in court and getting their way. However, with my experience on your side, I can help you fight back against banks and big law firms so that you can protect your home and punish the bank for its wrongdoing.

I also handle other consumer rights cases, such as lemon car law, contract cases, and bad home repairs. Through it all, my focus is on helping families protect what’s important to them.

What I charge for a consumer rights case.

Most consumer cases will include the possibility that the losing bank, company, or contractor pays all associated attorney fees. If not, I typically take a contingency-fee percentage of any settlement or judgment money or benefits I get on my client's behalf. This means you’ll never have to worry about paying any money up-front for my services. I want you to focus on keeping your home and assets together while I focus on protecting them in court.

I firmly believe that with my experience and knowledge working for you, we can help you find a solution for your situation. Call for a free consultation today and we can discuss the details of your case and begin to outline a strategy for success.

Consumer Rights Attorney Serving Albuquerque, New Mexico

Did the bank file for foreclosure when you were still making payments? Did the bank promise you a loan modification (a "loan mod") and foreclose anyway? Did the bank lie to you about the terms of your loan or your loan modification? Call me for expert legal advice today.